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Northern Boy

Slippery Jack/Suillus

Anybody ever eat these? I see them a lot when out looking for Boletes (and the pulse always quickens slighly at the sight of the large brown cap nestling in the grass!).

When I was in the US the Americans always said they weren't worth it, but here they seem to have a slightly higher culinary status?

Re: Slippery Jack/Suillus

Hi Northern Boy!

I've tried S Luteus and S Granulatus, which have a very mild, slightly resinous flavour, however the slimy texture limits what you can do to them (my Polish grandfather used to pickle them, which increased their sliminess) - try to remove as much of the skin from the cap as you can; slice them as thinly as possible, and air dry them until they're crisp, before storing in a paper bag. Add to risottos, soups, stews, fillings for beef wellington or home-made stuffed pasta (after soaking), gravy with sunday roast, or even mill the dried pieces into powder, and use as flavouring. The drying removes their sliminess and boosts their flavour.

Taste is subjective, but i think slippery jacks taste good. They might not have quite the strong flavour of ceps but are still worthwhile. The caps need to be peeled to stop everything going slimy, the skin is also reportadly a laxative (but I have been lazy in the past and not peeled without problems). Drying (after peeling) intensifies flavour as previous poster said.

Other Suillus can be good too and I don't peel caps. Bovine boletes can be good and I find a lot of Suillus Variagatus which is tasty (even more so when dried).

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