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Slow day in west Wales

Met up with Nifty at a local beach with a plan to take advantage of the decent weather and head further out.

After getting through the small surf

We trolled some feathers for some live joey mackeral on the way out to a potential tope mark some mile or so offshore. Unfortunately the mackeral had other ideas and Nifty was having more success on the species front - first a pouting, then a codling, then a launce! The fishfinder was going mad but the next fish up for Nifty was a herring! Finally a lone large mackeral was brought up and Nifty went on the drift with some live bait on the main rod. I unfortunately was still blanking, despite having two rods out with shrimp rigs and black shrimps on.

Nifty had a few takes on the live bait, but there was still no mackeral about, so we headed back inshore for a bit of spinning for the bass. I carried on trolling feathers on the way back in and finally managed to get off the mark with a medium size mackeral, which went into the footwell as potential bream bait.

We set up for spinning - Nifty with some bottom fishing lures whilst I tried a variety of surface and sub surface lures. There were sea trout jumping all around us but other than an odd pollack for Nifty it was pretty quiet. We moved around a bit and drifted over a mark which then produced a take and a follow for me on a J9 rapalla and the first bass of the day for Nifty:

the bass was returned to grow bigger, and we carried on for another hour or so drifting on the flood.

We then paddled accross to another mark after a short shore rest for me. We drifted over this second mark a few times before Nifty was rewarded with a pollack and then his second bass of the day. I managed to scrape a small pollack myself for another 2010 species, which went back after a photo.

We carried on spinning for a few more hours but it went very quiet at high water slack water, and at 5.30pm we headed back in to the beach.

A slow day, and the lack of mackeral scuppered our plans to dirft offshore all day for the tope, but still some fish were caught to avoid a blanking session.

we may have seen you

if you see a longboat out rowing, whilst you are fishing, I may well be on it, so give us a wave! cheers

Re: we may have seen you

alibibby wrote:
if you see a longboat out rowing, whilst you are fishing, I may well be on it, so give us a wave! cheers

Will do! Saw one two thursdays ago when I was out on my own - disapearing into the mist towards Newquay and over the breakers that had just spilled me out of my kayak for the first time!

Lovely day out there today but the fishing is still a bit slow

Fantastic report, looks like a fun session.
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