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Slow or fast charge?

I've just picked up an impact driver to go with my drill driver. Both take the same 2 Ah Li-on batts, but one has a 1.5A charger and the other a 3A charger.

Which charger would be best to use, the slower 1.5A one of the faster 3A one? I thought slower chargers tended to be better for battery life but I don't know if this is true or applies to modern Lithium batteries.

i have an 18v charger and a "smart"( it decides which of 18v or 28v and nicad or lithium the battery takes/is )charger.

the the smart charger seems to produce a battery that lasts a bit longer than the dedicated 18v charger.this might be due to it being "smart"and doing the reconditioning stuff ,having better connections etc etc or that it seems to take longer to do a 18v than the dedicated 18v even though it potentially has a higher amperage output than the dedicated one

im not comparing like for like so the above might not apply as one is smart and the other is a simple transformer/led sensor to show when it is charged type

the thing i notice makes most difference with battery charge is having a good mains supply .small petrol genny =rubbish ,york mains =variable(as is the supply 225 to 239 v depending on time of day) ,rosewood mains (241 to245v)=best.
as you have mentioned your electric supply being a bit variable charging might also be a bit variable regardless of the battery/charger combo.

something that seems to up the stored energy is to give the charging process a break ie nearly fully charged,let everything cool down ,finish the charge.
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