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Small holding wanted in Lincolnshire

Hi, We are looking to buy a property with land in lincolnshire up to 285,000 if anyone can help please

cant help with the property search but hello

There is a site called greenshifters which I used to look at - lots of overseas property, but occasionally UK and just occasionally Lincolnshire rather than Scotland or Wales.

Also perhaps worth contacting via web a group called LSSSC - Lincolnshire Self Sufficiency and Smallholding Club, or something like that - small group but covers whole county and perhaps the sort of place where someone might know of someone selling up.

Have you tried searching on UK Land and Farms? At lower price range much of it is land without house, but there are a few houses with a few acres on within that price range.

You don't say how much land you are looking for or whether you are already in Lincolnshire or know the area. It's a big county and prices vary a bit depending on how close or not you are to transport, shops etc.

thank you, have done all of the above, except LSSSC will try them now thank you. We are price dependant so looking at all areas and as much land we can get. Just started looking for land with any building that we may be able to convert. Looking at one on Monday near Tumby Woodside so fingers crossed. Just missed out on one near skegness so all over the place at the moment.
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