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Smallholding/house with land wanted to rent

This a kind of two-fold request Smile

I am looking for a house with some land to rent, or a smallholding. Only really after a couple of acres, to restart the successful poultry-breeding business I had to give up when I moved out of my parents' rural property into the town.
I am a single mother (don't let that put you off!) currently self employed with 2 children and one on the way. Non smoker, very hard-working.

My parents are also looking for a property similar to the one I am after; they currently rent a country house with about 1/3 acre and are recieving sdss due to my mum being registered disabled (and my dad is her carer) - however they have 3 sons, the eldest of which has worked in farming since leaving school (he is 20 now) and have been in their current property for over 10 yrs now with no problems. Their current LL is selling up in May, hence why they have to move Sad

Ideally, 2 similar properties that share some land would be great as my parents and I could rent one each, but if anyone knows of anything that might be suitable for us, please let me know.
Staffordshire area preferred but anywhere considered.
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