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wellington womble

Smallholding insurance

Dull, dull, dull. But necessary.

Who has insurance? What does it cover and where did you get it? The stuff out there in sheds and garages exceeds the 3k that my contents instance will cover and they can't increase it. They also won't cover my solar panels. They're not on the roof and so can't be covered by buildings insurance. I'm talking mainly about kit, but there will be some animals soon too.

I'd have thought that NFU Mutual would be the people to ask.

The one person I talked with about that kind of insurance was with the NFU. The general impression I get is that they're pricey but worth having on your side.


Although, Allianz were outstanding with our stuff in the fire. They allowed us about 8k in the outbuilding as they were happy it was a workshop and a garage and a shed. Even though it was one building. And then they allowed us full claim for freezers and cycles. Non car vehicles were specifically excluded tho.

NFU here too.
wellington womble

Thanks guys. Is it vastly expensive? It's not a huge amount of extended cover. Perhaps 15k in total.
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