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Smart hives...

The ApiS is an Internet-connected beehive. No, not so your bees can Instagram their queen selfies, but so the beekeeper can monitor one or more hives from afar. The modular system, built by a team in Portugal, talks to a smartphone app and gives information about honey production, weather conditions, and even external threats.

ApiS can be had as an all-in-one Smart Hive or as a collection of perts that can be added to existing hives.

Doesn't do it for me but if it encourages more beekeepers it's not a bad thing.

Got to say that makes my little techno-beekeeping heart flutter! I love that idea!
Mistress Rose

Interesting, and it will be interesting to see what the bees think of it. They might just fill the sensor up with propolys. Certainly the theft alert can be useful for exposed out apiaries.
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