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sneaky hedge planting

I was wondering, is it very wrong to try and encourage a few sparse areas in a local hedge to fill in with something native?

Go for it

Do you have any good suggestions?
Jam Lady

An interesting technique I read in an old book - put up some posts and wires. Birds will perch, poop, and the seeds will (eventually, grow into a hedge. Native or not, depends on what they are eating / pooping.
wellington womble

Hazel is my favourite, but holly seems to be as tough as old boots. I suppose looking at what’s growing well in the vicinity would be a good plan, as that’s what’s likely to do well.

service tree is rather nice as are other wild style fruits

if you have bullace stones ,service hips or whatever in a pocket a quick poke with a stick can plant a few gaps

at this time of year quite a few things will take from sticking a greenwood cutting in the mud

I had to google service tree, as I was pretty certain that service berry (Amelanchier) is a new world species, but now I'm wondering if you use it all over there? Would seem to be a good choice, though maybe not for this thread suggesting native species....

Service tree - likes clay - big tick Cool

afaik it has been here since the 17th C so it could be considered more native than some.

i wonder what was native when we had rhinos in london? baobab seems plausible but it isn't really suitable for a hedge gap

in geo/ biological time scales the current UK flora are all recent introductions( or reintroductions ) cos a mile or so of ice isn’t ideal for growing things under or on .

A similar talking point exists for black locust here.

Is it an invasive if we know it was here before the last ice age?
Nicky Colour it green

You can take cuttings of local native trees and just poke them in the mud - alder and willow will take like this.

Also, just for clarity for anyone wondering, what you call service tree is Sorbus, which we call mountain ash (at least the species that grows in the mountains near me)

What we call service berry is Amerlanchier, AKA saskatoon

Blackthorn, willow and hazel will all root from green sticks pushed in the ground. Holly will too but it's a bit more fussy. All of these would do a great job filling out a hedge.
If you have plenty of green sticks let me know. I'll have a few hundred metres of hedge to plant this year!

Green sticks - got it Cool
wellington womble

This also applies to blackcurrants. Not exactly native, but very tasty and good for birds.
Mistress Rose

If you have hazel each side of the gap you can also layer it. Partly cut through a rod so it will bend right over but make sure you leave some cambium, then scrape away the bark where it touches the ground and peg down with a forked stick. With any luck it will grow and form a new bush.
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