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Snowball-bread help please?

I have about a litre and a half of bubbling starter-thingy that I've been adding some flour and a sploosh of water to since Wednesday.

I halve it in to a bowl, add more flour and water and a sploosh of olive oil and maybe a pinch of yeast, and leave it somewhere warm?

Then add more flour and leave it somewhere warm again?

And then shape it and cook it?

What have I forgotten?

when you have shaped it it will need to loaf prove it

i tend to do an hour or so at 20c and an hour at 30c

when adding flour as a general rule you need to kneed until it becomes silky rather than springy,how hard and how long depends on the flour ,the mix ,oil or not etc etc


that book took my bread baking from ummm to yuuuum

dpack, what have you done?
I followed the link and ended up with....
Classic Sourdoughs your recommendation
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon
Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz (we have his other Fermenting book and it is wonderful).

I can't resist a decent book...

oops ,never mind Laughing
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