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So how are you all doing with the veg planting.

I am away behind this year.
Only tomatoes going strong.
Kale and chard now harvestable.
Put in beans, courgettes and carrots this week.

a box of spuds is ready for earthing up
peas a couple of feet tall
surviving two chilli about an inch tall Rolling Eyes
two boxes of onions are coming on stream as spring onions which is nice.

last autumn's hard prune on the bramble has regained control but reduced flower mass.

apart from that i spose i need to get some stuff as plants ready to go out now the wood shed roof gets direct sun.

It's been dry. Broad beans a spuds going OK. Slugs seem to have got early beetroot seedlings. Green house is mad with growth that needs hardening off for planting out next weekend.



a split bottom laundry bag and 50 liters of guinea pig compost has now been used as a spud cosy. this leaves about 20cm of greenery poking out of the top in a nice sunny spot so i hope they do as well as they did last year.

there were lots of brandlings disturbed but as they got added to the box they should now be able to turn the lot into really good soil like they did last time.
Mistress Rose

All my root crops except parsnips and salsify, which were old seed are growing, but quite slowly. I am watering every couple of days, but doesn't seem to be the same as rain. The potatoes have been pretty well fully earthed up now, although I might manage a little more in some places. Most of the cabbages have been planted out and are growing on, put the beans, mange tout peas, courgettes and squashes and sweetcorn got planted out last weekend. The beans are doing their duty and climbing the bean sticks, unlike most years, although one had to be redirected as it was going up the wrong stick. In some ways the dry weather is useful as I can water rather than it being wet enough for the slugs and snails to have their way with the crops.

I haven't done anything much but we have a week off next week as we were supposed to be going honeymoon but it looks like we'll be spending it at home instead, so I've got plans to get something in the ground by the end of the week.
wellington womble

I swore I would get everything in the ground in April because May is always manic. Only somehow April was as well and I have planted almost nothing. I have carrots in the greenhouse and shallots in the ground, and that's it. I haven't even got the spuds in!

I do have lots of chickens, though. Some asked J how many we had and she said 'too many' and rolled her eyes (she's seven!)

My seedlings of various things are in some sort of suspended growth / death pattern. Odd.
Perennial things are doing pretty well though. Peas are good, runner beans just getting going.

I was trying to work out what veg painting was Embarassed think it must be bed time

I've got cherry tom's, dwarf beans and some rocket in. Going to get more stuff in today.
Mistress Rose

NMG, that is odd. Mine seem to be doing well at the moment, which is also unusual.

I have been away so much this year (and generally unmotivated) that my planting has been abysmal. Not planted any squash seeds at all yet. In fact the only things I have going is tomatoes, peppers, chillis and aubergines... and I have to confess to buying in a few grafted aubergines and chillis... so not even all my own work.

All my chillis are romping, cherry toms growing well, peppers going well as well as the beef tomato. No sign of the runner yet though.

Flowers are all doing wonderful.

I'd be doing better if the bloody escaping chicken hadn't taken it upon herself to dig up everything as soon as it's planted, mind Sad

We have a infestation of mice in the veg patch. I'm missing my cat!

re mice in the veg i found a regular light dusting of cheap extra hot chilli powder worked a treat

at the mo i have an arrangement with sammy mouse and his family, i feed him, he only takes a few treats in a very neat manner. a harvest mouse sitting in a hollow tomato is very cute Rolling Eyes

Running out of room as per usual

Left side:

Summer and winter squashes, 'Happy Rich' Broccoli, lettuces, hakueri turnips, etc...

Foreground is flowers for the wedding

Right side:

sweet peppers, a new purple lacinato type kale, and pea breeding and odds and ends

Looking good Slim, you're just missing a few beehives.

Loving the agreement you have with your mice DPack. Smile

I used to have an agreement with the cat. She ate them.

Laughing Laughing

Looking good Slim, you're just missing a few beehives.

My brother keeps one further out of frame of the second photo Wink
Mistress Rose

Your garden looks good Slim. Pity the bees moved.

Dpack, do you really have harvest mice? They are a bit different than your average mouse, but all have their down side. We get wood mice in the wood, and they are really cute, but still leave a nasty mousy smell behind them. If we see one they seem completely oblivious to us and just wander around as usual.

The autumn sown onion sets and broad beans are doing well, despite having got going in January after a warm spell. I was worried they would get hit by the cold wind and freeze we had later...and hopefully that was long and cold enough for the garlic!
Planted more onion sets last week and they are up and running already Very Happy
The strawberries are flowering nicely as is the PSB.
We're busy eating the spinach and rocket from last year's sowing ..I really ought to sow fresh but the next step is construct the next deep bed, when we have time/money Cool
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