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soap making pics

I could swear somewhere on here I saw a picture of soap making process (the oils etc in a pan, or some such). But can I find it now? No indeed.

Anyone remember where this was or have a picture(s) of the process that they would be happy for us to use to illustrate Sally_in_wales' beginners' guide?

It just so happens that I will be making that very recipe tomorow, I'll photograph the steps for you. Very Happy

Is this the link you are looking for?

Oh, bad bugs, missed 'em.

Thanks Sally and Naomi - that's the thread I'm using, but I'm sure that there was an extra picture *somewhere*, something like oils in a pan and someone whisking or pouring - but I might have this mixed up with nettie's skincream one.

If you did take any pics Sally, in spite of my rudeness in not replying (didn't see it honest! only glanced in a bit on Saturday) that would be really very handy, it's a topic that comes up again and again and I do mean to have a go myself...soon. I think I would want to keep the pans separate though so might have to find someone getting rid of some Confused
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