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Soap shards?

Just rescued a whole lot of soap from a couple of classes at school where the children were doing soap carving. It's only value soap from Tesco, but there is literally half a bag full (as you can see), and I can't bear waste of any sort, hence it now being in my kitchen.
I know I can reform it - as a child we had a little collecting pot for ends of soap, but there is quite a lot! So thinking caps on Downsizers, any other uses for my rescued soap shards?
Just as a matter of interest, is the composition of soap flakes the same as bars of soap?

Could you use it for washing 'delicates'?
Isn't Dreft just soap flakes?

Washing Gel

in a sock or similar

warm it up and re cast it

use it as laundry soap

Out of interest - how did the children's soap carving turn out?
Mistress Rose

'Soap' flakes are flakes of soap in soft water areas, but used to be detergent in hard water areas. They may be soap now as palm oil has become more available as this also lathers in hard water and doesn't produce so much scum as other soaps.

I would never use cooking equipment for any non-food use. With soap it should be possible to get rid of all of it, but the additives like essential oils can taint badly and for a long time. Perhaps I am being picky, but having studied chemistry, I am always very particular about this point, having developed a lively sense of self preservation while handling very nasty chemicals.

Soap carving turned out pretty good for 7 and 8 year olds Frewen , but the star was a classroom assistant who used a largish offcut to carve a rather lovely rose - all with a blunt knife!🌹
I didn't think of reforming the soap with 'bits n' pieces' so will give that a go, and I have lots of old pans so can safely keep one for soap activities only. Quite tempted to buy some flower moulds for this purpose.
I have read soap can help keep deer out of the garden but to be honest deer are very infrequent visitors to our garden and when they do come I love seeing them.

I might give it a go Smile
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