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john of wessex

Soggy Chicken Run

My chicken run is (in winter) straw on earth.

To date it has been OK however in the recent weather the run simply wont dry out.

I scraped the straw out today, if I turn the soil over it isn't that wet. I cant dig into the ground due to tree roots, which rules out a French drain.

So, what can I do to try & keep the ladies dry underfoot?

Erect some kind of shelter with a tarpaulin roof? They are cheap from places like Machinemart, etc.
I did this and it worked well. Just make sure you can easily replace it when it starts to fray (I nailed mine in place with laths and it was a pain to replace it.
Oh and make sure it slopes enough so rain/snow can run off quickly and away from the run.
john of wessex

Thanks fir that

I have just fixed one up, I have had to tie the run down though in case it blows away!

Merry Christmas


How about putting a pallet or two in the run to keep their feet dry?
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