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Soil analysis as planning condition.

A friend of mine is required to do an analysis of the soil to check for contamination as a condition of his planning application.

Anyone here know owt about the standards and requirements?

only a bit

an environmental risk assessment for soil contamination requires taking samples of top and sub soil from a number of sites over the area to be tested .these are then analyzed for lead cadmium etc etc ,for organic toxins such as pcb's and dioxins ,etc asbestos is also on the list of tests iirc

there will also be an inspection for "evil"plant life such as Japanese knotweed which has to be treated as hazardous waste

cost depends on size of area and the detail required

the eho might be able to give advice to compliment that of planning .

might be worth looking into the history of the site .if it is "number one smelter lane "you probably dont need to check
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