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Solar power saves water

This looks pretty smart. It prevents evaporation, generates power in rural areas, doesn't use up land and cuts fossil fuel usage.

I'm guessing these must be irrigation only canals, as it might annoy boats. But, assuming it works, pretty nifty.
Rob R

I dunno, if they're set high enough it might be a cooler working envornment for boatmen? Although you're probably right, they will be irrigation canals, can't see it going down too well if I put them on the Pocklington canal.

Do they know what sun is in Pocklington?
Rob R

Good point.

Might annoy the otters, too.

Double glaze the Norfolk Broads? Laughing

You could also apply this technique to motorways in this country. Would make driving safer with no wet roads and no glare at low angles of the sun. Could also prevent idiots chucking stuff from motorway bridges.

Mistress Rose

Quite possible over canals if they are high enough. Get it right and you wouldn't have to install lighting or use boat lights either. A good idea for warmer places, and suppose it might reduce evaporation on UK canals too. As ours tend to wind rather, can't see very long arrays though. Very Happy
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