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something is killing my ducks

...more precisely, certain of a recently adopted group of Indian Runners have been found dead shortly after appearing to be healthy

After what is now 4 deaths, the signs are lying down whilst eating, (getting up only to drink), & supporting themselves against something ie feeders, coop, fencing etc

Death seems to be reasonably quick, as was the case this morning.

These are ducks we took over from friends who have separated, along with chickens & two geese; everyone else seems fine, & even the "victims" ate well, with their decline being sudden

Coops are being cleaned & blowtorched; chooks being checked for external parasites

Does this ring any bells with anyone ?

All info gratefully received

Thinking change of environment - anything dodgy growing in their enclosure / pond?

I have 2 of my original I R ducks in the same enclosure, also 6 others raised at the house in another enclosure...they all have the run of the field normally,& are all in good health

So far no chooks or geese appear to be showing signs of anything...has to be said though that our critters always eat well & never go short of food; some of theirs however had a very hungry look about them on arrival, but it's been several weeks now so I would have thought they would be used to the new regime
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