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Sorted ! ( well sort of :) )

Last night after dark, with the help of a torch I hasten to add, I sorted out a breeding set of Welsh Harlequin ducks and I'm pretty happy with what I've ended up with. I'll leave it two or three weeks to let the females clear of the other drake that I have and then I'll start to put some of their eggs into the incubator. Ooh I do like ducklings. Smile
I've got a very nice drake and five equally as nice hens (ducks) .
Sometime this morning, six became five and one of the little devils managed to get out of its new enclosure and get back to her reject mates. I'll have to catch her up tonight and try again. The ungrateful git ! Smile
What do you think of them? Welsh Harlequins in both male and female shouldn't have blue bars in their wings.


a very handsome addition to the flock, im not a big fan of ducks as dinner but a fried duck egg among the breakfast goodies is a proper treat Cool

All six eventually managed to escape back to the collective but although they might have had a cunning plan for today, I've got one for tomorrow. Smile
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