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Spare 110v tools for sale.

Youngest son is now resident in NZ, and has asked us to sell his spare tools. They are all used 110v, but in clean condition.

Approx 100m 110v cables, plus 110v transformer 75.
Hilti 110v circular saw 150 (WSC 70. 190mm blade )
Hilti 110v breaker 150 ( TE40 AVR )
Hitachi reciprocating saw 40 (CR 13 )
Bosch 110v GST 2000 Jigsaw 40
Bosch 110v planer 75 (GHO 26 - 82 )
Bosch 110v breaker/drill 75 ( GBH 4 DFE )
Bosch 110v sliding mitre saw 100 ( GCM 10 S )
Elu 110v Circular saw 25

These are the prices Tom is asking, but make an offer if you are interested.
We are in Ilminster, Somerset.

I'm slightly interested, but location isn't ideal/realistic.
Pricing seems fair enough, but model no's would help them sell....
e.g. Drill/breaker could rrp at 80 or 800 depending on model.
If it's a GBH 12-52D for 75 I'll jump in the van now, if it's a GBH 2-20D I'll give it a miss Wink
stumbling goat

Hi GG,

As OMB suggests, it may help your sale if you put Model numbers of the kit?

That would enable people to Google the size of the blade on the Elu circular saw, and the Hitachi saw, the grunt of the Bosch breaker etc.

The transformer will have a "KVA" rating on it, lets you know what you can use it for and for how long. That will probably be better explained by someone with more knowledge about KVA than me.

If you included serial numbers, or approximate dates of manufacture of the kit that may entice offers, or may not? Depends on the dates.

Hope you get a fair and good price.


Thanks for the tips.
I will get the technical dept(OH) to get the models nos.
stumbling goat

Morning GG,

Not wanting to teach Granny,

But the model numbers will be on labels or tags attached to the tools.


Re: Spare 110v tools for sale.

Bosch 110v sliding mitre saw 100

I just been cutting some branches on my mitre saw and thought it might be helpful to mention that they are ace for cutting up firewood.
Coppice type stuff, pallet slats, reclaim timber and much more if you are confident. Compared to a chainsaw they are often safer, quicker, less offensive, no fuel, no oil, and blades last forever (for firewood cutting purposes).
You wouldn't buy a new one for cutting firewood as it is a bit abusive cutting knarly branches and used timber. After 4 years cutting firewood (on the same blade ! ) my already well used Dewallet saw is a bit sloppy and doesn't cut very accurate - OTOH I would have used many more 's worth of chains, fuel and oil with a chainsaw.
And unlike a chainsaw you can use it indoors.

Now with model no`s attached. hopefully.

thanks for the mod.numbers.
there is some nice kit there for somebody who does site work, the bosch mitre saw is similar to one i used to have and they do seem to stay fairly accurate in use.
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