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spare Android phone anyone?

I was wondering if anyone has an old Android phone laying around?
We have got continuous glucose monitoring sensors for little man's diabeties to let us keep an eye on levels and the sensors can be read from their monitor or we can download an app onto an Android phone, the benifit of using the phone is it will send the readings directly to my phone so when they scan him at school I will get a report, paranoid parent I knkw but there you go...
we are looking for an old phone thst is above Android 4. 0 and a newer operating system than ice cream sandwich...
we will get a chip for any network needed so that's not a problem, thought I would ask in the recycling section before we went shopping for one.

I've got a little one, a Galaxy Fame GT-S6810P, that's running Android 4.1.2, if that's any help? It's unlocked, in good condition and you could have it for 20 including the postage. (I tried to train my mum to use it, but it was hopeless Smile )
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