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Sparrow boxes

We have some very put out sparrows as we are replacing the weatherboarding around the house. I imagine they will still find ways in behind it but I was wondering about putting up some sparrow boxes to give them some other options. Wonder if they will still prefer stuffing any hole with straw and getting on with it.

iirc location is important,high up,under an overhang smallish hole ,medium sized nest space

ie under the eaves and in the roof void Laughing

i think the rspb has details of nest box sizes and locations on their web site Wink

For sparrows hole size slightly bigger than an inch and a quarter. That is crucial as they cannot get in "tit boxes"

I'm going to buy one to put high up and under the eaves. Maybe two if people have had success with them. The house is covered with scaffolding right up to the very highest point and that's pretty high (especially in these gales).

You can buy specific sparrow boxes, they like to nest as close to each other as possible. The sparrow boxes have three nest boxes inside them.

I have three sparrow boxes, all occupied, as well as the three swift boxes. The swifts will evict them when they arrive in May.

The sparrows are also under the fascia boards. We are quite a little bird community.

I put one up out here (believe it or not) and it works a treat. I've got one from the RSPB that is three boxes in one (they call it a terrace).

Problem we had was the sparrows were nesting in the extractor vent from the kitchen (grille wasn't fitted), which meant that over the years the entire vent blocked with dry grass and twigs, which in turn attracted mice. The chicks were also extremely noisy.

Anyway, as we weren't using the vent, I waited until no-one was nesting, ripped it out, and covered the hole on the outside with a terrace box. Sparrows moved in straight away the next breeding season, and they have been using it ever since.

I make sure it's on a shaded side of the house, up quite high and out of reach of the neighbourhood moggies.
Mistress Rose

Sparrows are said to prefer terraces. We make bird boxes out of western red cedar, which the birds seem to like even if it isn't as 'pretty' as some that appeal to the flower garden types, but we haven't made any sparrow terraces yet. If you want to make your own, using a timber that doesn't need treatment is the best way to attract the birds. And, as Shane says, don't have them in direct sunlight in the hottest part of the day.

That is crucial as they cannot get in "tit boxes"

There's a Farage based ballot paper joke in there somewhere, waiting to get out.
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