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Mistress Rose

Sparrowhawk or peregrine?

Last weekend I heard an odd bird call, which sounded like a fairly deep ke-ke-ke. Looking round I saw a hawk gliding around making the noise. Sadly I was seeing it against the sky, so couldn't see any markings, but it seems it may have taken up residence on the electricity pylon 2 doors down. The rooks seem to have deserted the pylon completely and I found some pigeon feathers in the garden that looked like the remains of a kill.

Listening to the noise of a sparrowhawk on the internet, it sounded rather higher pitched than the noise I heard. There have been peregrine falcons 'encouraged' to use the cathedral for nesting about 15 miles away, but they are not really natural round our way.

Any suggestions as to which it might be please?

Gardens aren't the normal habitat of peregrines but pigeons are their regular prey.
Without personally hearing & seeing it's hard to tell.
Have a look at their silhouettes as they are a different shape in flight.
The peregrine has more scimitar shaped wings & the sparrowhawk more blocky.

Yes - The key is the shape of the wings in differentiating between hawks and falcons.

Have Sparrowhawks and Kestrels near home (and Buzzards and Red Kites coming in from the nearby countryside), but have seen Peregrines in town - when I was in hospital last year, I spent the morning watching Peregrines over Tottenham Court Road.
Mistress Rose

Thanks, if I see it again I will look at the wing shape. I know sparrowhawks can take a pigeon; I saw one land in the middle of the road with one once and defy the cars to come near its kill. Laughing
Mistress Rose

Husband said it had scimitar shaped wings. Checked with the local National Park man and apparently there have been peregrines nesting in other pylons along that line, so quite possible. It seems that design of pylon has some suitable platforms for nest sites. Will keep a look out and see if I can ID it properly. In the mean time, anything that reduces the pigeon population is a good thing.
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