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spectre and meltdown

linky to grauniad story that has associated articles.

amd n tings

although they may not have been seen in the wild i assume it wont be long before they are cos once such a widespread weakness is out of the bottle folk will be finding ways to exploit it while it is available.

i know that it was allegedly found by google's research bods but i wonder if they had help from those who might see such a weakness as a strategic cyber security issue as well as a commercial and personal one.
remote access that deep into a machine could be costly or inconvenient , into many machines or into sensitive one it would make a tidy weapons delivery system.

considering what a woopsie doo sort of backdoor they provide i wonder if they have been found in the past, used and more recently compromised ( iirc there have been a few such compromisings recently Laughing ) and it is necessary to put as much of the genie back in the bottle as possible?

perhaps until recently nobody had looked for such things? ha ha ha ha . it seems unlikely but it is fairly possible that the google team have just boldly gone where no nerd has gone before.

whichever it is a bit of a problem cos even if patched before an outbreak of payloads one of the patches has debilitating effects on performance and as shown by the wannacry vs nhs et al mess even if folk are told to patch stuff they don't always listen Rolling Eyes

That explains my unexpected update this morning.
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