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Spending Spree!

Karen and I left the house just after ten this morning and drove to Bangor, where we bought a couple of pairs of shoes but then, the boring bit over, we drove to Market Drayton in Shropshire where we met a nice young couple who have set themselves up breeding chickens and ducks. We bought ten of the Cherry Valley laying ducks from them and apart from the fact that they pooped all the way home, at this stage I'm very pleased with my purchase. There'll be pictures of our nice new white ducks ASAP. But what's a post without a few pictures? Shocked

From Market Drayton we drove on to Goostrey, the home of the Jodrell Bank telescope where we agreed to buy these some what portly ladies. How couldn't I? Let me introduce you to Dorothy and Gladys.

A relaxed pig.

A more relaxed pig.

A totally relaxed pig.

A dead relaxed pig.

Dorothy and Gladys are probably the biggest friendliest pigs that I've ever met and I think that I maybe in love. I'll be picking them up in just under two weeks time . love7

they look delightful

''Let me introduce you to Dorothy and Gladys.''

I was going to ask what the pigs were called Embarassed then scrolled down a bit..........


You are a sucker for a pig Laughing , but they look lovely.

They're way too fat but we'll have to wait and see.

Fat but lovely.

You talkin to me? Laughing
Barefoot Andrew

You clearly shouldn't be let loose in other peoples' small holdings with money in your pocket Bodger Wink

No... I disagree... send him my way.... Laughing

A walk around the pig pens this evening.

Karen and I made this pen for our new arrivals this afternoon. Dorothy and Gladys will be arriving on Friday.

They were once fit young pigs like their future neighbours Maude and Mildred. Lets hope the two girls enjoy something of an Indian Summer.


What are they for? Are you breeding from them to bolster the sausage empire?

Sort of.
We'll sell weaners, halves of butchered pigs and then the sausages and burgers. Very Happy

We got them home at around5.30 last night and we already love them to bits.

I'm the good looking swine at the back who most definitely isn't having a jimmy Riddle. :whistle:

Ooh err? I'm not so sure about this place Gladys

It might be alright Dotty, its not so bad, it has potential.

Wait until they've had the kids we've had.


They have backs like sideboards Laughing
Just out of interest,would they not be able to conceive being overweight? Will you have to slim them down?
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