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Spinach pests?

Never had problems with spinach before, it just grows and keeps going till we're almpst tired of it.

This yar tho', somethings not quite right. At first I thought it was a bit of sun scorch - full-on sun after a heavy shower but now it's looking like a pest.

Symptoms are;

- A few, by no means all, of the leaves are looking thin and transparent and going a sort of grey/brown, it's patchy, the rest of the leaf looks fine

- No evidence of bug, aphid, greenfly or c'pillar etc anywhere to be seen

- One or two leaves are starting to curl and there's a bit of spitty stuff (charming) in the curled leaf.

I thought they looked like bolting last week, so nipped the tops off, and this seemed to encourage lots of nice side growth.

Tastes lovely, nothing wrong with the leaves that are all green, at the moment, I'm just ripping the diseased bit of the leaf off and hoping for the best.

MAybe they'll grow out of it ... could it be lack of water? It's extremely dry here but looks ok under the dry surface.


Sounds like cuckoo spit.

maybe a combination of sunburn and spittle bug? (that's what we call 'em) making sure they have enough water will help to prevent sunburn, but there's not much you can do once its already happened

I've never known of spittle bugs to do much more than a small weakening of the plant, not really enough to take the whole thing down (in my experience)
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