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Spinning wheel & drum carder

We will be putting an Ashford traveler (bought second hand) & an Ashford 2 speed drum carder (bought new & hardly used) up for sale on eBay soon but wanted to offer it on here first.

Sensible offers.

There is also some wool as well.

1 x 100g bags of each

Natural Corriedale
Leicester longwool
White Wensleydale

2 x 80g Merino mix colours

1 x hamper of carded wool Badger faced

Again sensible offers.

Pictures to follow soon.

LOTS of pics

Images as promised.

Spinning wheel



Also have a new un used set of Rayburn pans


Is anyone else getting partial images on the above posts?

Hopefully its just a caching error.

Thats odd. I have re uploaded them to my online storage but still the same. Might just wait a bit longer to see what happens.

They were OK when I first looked earlier today and now they aren't.

Odd.They were also ok when I was writing the post & previewed it.
Barefoot Andrew

I just downloaded 'spin2.jpg' and it comes down as a partial image, with a big grey bit where the rest of the pic should be.

Travellers are nice wheels, I've had mine since I was 18 and its still going strong, bought another for teaching a few years back. They tend to be stable at about 50 for one that is a few years old these days, so expect to get in that region for it.

I just downloaded 'spin2.jpg' and it comes down as a partial image, with a big grey bit where the rest of the pic should be.

Ok will re upload them then.

Cheers Sally, was hoping for more than that for it. Cant remember what we paid.

you may get lucky, especially if a few people bid on it, but thats about what the going price for that model seems to be, and is what I paid for my last one of that same model. Fingers crossed for you, spinning wheels are funny things, they can go for almost nothing or an awful lot depending on what way the wind is blowing Smile

I should think you would get at least 100 on eBay for the wheel and more for the carder. I would list them separately rather than as a single lot. Spinning wheels are very popular, atm, and have been for some years now. It isn't the best time of the year to be selling this sort of item, however - autumn, as the nights get longer and the kids are back at school, would be better.

The spinning wheel looks to be in good condition so there is all going for it...BUT...because it is older two speed version it may reflect to the price.

Good luck for selling it and I hope it will do well! Very Happy
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