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spotty liver

Well, my shooting isn't going so well on the targets, so the only live quarry I've shot at and killed, are two rats and a squirrel caught in my live cage trap.
So I'm now thinking of getting a ferret in the autumn.
In Killit n Grillit's artice he shows a rabbit liver with fluke, and says bury it. Please confirm, is this just the liver you discard, or the whole rabbit? Is the rest ok to eat?
Is one ferret happy living alone? Would a jill be best for a novice?
I believe you can get rat nets (read in a blog on the Net) Surely a ferret won't fit down a rat hole? Or can they? It would be great to get rats .

The liver is the only bit you must discard. Whether or not you then fancy eating the rest of the rabbit is up to you.

Thanks Brownbear. I probably wouldn't then. Don't know why I thought I might eat the rest Rolling Eyes
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