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spring in Finland...

Well just thought Id give you an update Smile well spring is on its way although as I look out the window its snowing like crazy! the snow has been slowly melting its up to plus 6oc some days but still freezing during the nights, minus 7oc last night.the days are beautiful, bright blue sky and warm strong sunshine. the small birds are appearing and it has that lovely spring smell in the air.

Our 4 ewes are due lambs any day now and 20 chicken eggs should hatch tomorow.
We are now working longer outside, its not dark till around 8.30pm.
we do have a long list of "to be done" dig out the ditches (again!) clear the fields of stones (again! when the snow melts!) dig new drainage channels around the barn, put up new guttering, build new chicken and sheep shed, and when the ground is ready plant our veggies! clear out cow house as our house cow will arrive in june... so enough to keep us busy!
If anyone feels like an active holiday in Finland....Welcome Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
all home cooking with fresh veggies and real home reared meat! Very Happy

suomi. Smile

It sounds lovely suomi, but I'm glad that the only "snow" here at this time of year is cherry blossom petals drifting down from the trees! Very Happy

It sounds lovely. If you ever get time to take photos...

Cathryn wrote:
It sounds lovely. If you ever get time to take photos...

Oooh yes please, I would love to see some photos. I have only been to Helsinki and I would love to see the countryside.

Im absolutly hopless withthe camera.. Embarassed Embarassed
but i will try and takes some photos.. promise! Smile
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