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I'm here eating my first sprouts of the new season. Not home-grown, but at least UK-grown, from local supermarket. Couldn't resist.

If you've got a proper greengrocer it's worth buying them by the stalk and standing it in a bucket of water.
Mmmmm...sprouts with glazed chestnuts.

An interesting time of day to be eating sprouts Confused Very Happy .

Any time of day is good for eating sprouts

I might manage a small picking from our plants soon, they never grow that big but taste fine.

sprout harvest has started in Llandudno!

I used to be a one sprout a year, under duress on Christmas day type girl. Even when they were ones that Dad had grown they'd be the size of a golf ball and then Mum would boil them to buggery. I have more recently been introduced to small, lightly boiled sprouts and now, sometimes I even have second helpings. Laughing
wellington womble

I loathe sprouts. The first lot has turned up in the veg box today, and I have cooked some for himself. Little ones that I've cooked are better, but there are a million other veg that I'd rather eat!

I took great delight in cooking my first Christmas dinner (at our house, invited and cooked for the family) without sprouts!

I love 'em. For them as doesn't try blanching them and then stir-frying them with a bit of ginger and garlic.
Personally I'm happy to have them steamed in all their natural glory. Truly one of nature's noble vegetables.

May soon have some ready to pick.

Can't wait till I served them up with roast pork and my first JA's of the year. (Though may need to open a window shortly after) Embarassed

sprouts are evil. my OH loves them but mine aren't ready to pick yet
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