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squirrel origami phone cosy

here is the finished item trying it's best to escape

this shows it open ,revealing the cunning folds of one front isnt quite origami as there are two stitches hidden in the concertina fold that creates the corner and a slot for the folded tip of the other front leg

when closed the flap of the other leg holds the tail which keeps the rear end folds in place as the tip mentioned above slips into the slot/pocket to keep it all shut.

it took a little while to work out how to arrange the folds but i recon paleo phone cosies are rather fun Laughing

i recon a similar technique could be applied to most gadgets by using a suitable pelt (i recon owt bunny sized could involve ears as "buttons" so i think i will try a kindle next )

ps the skin is oak gall tanned and then saddle soaped for a bit of flexibility,too floppy does not work very well.

I do have one question...

.... but it's probably not a good idea to ask!

definitely time for dpack to write up an article on vermin pelt cozies
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