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sri lankan style prawn curry

this is a subtle dish so dont overdo the spices

equal volumes of black mustard seed and cumin pan roasted and ground fine.1teaspoon
8 black peppercorns,ground fine
pinch good saffron
a tin of coconut milk
a very small onion
a finger tip of ginger fine chopped
a pea sized lump of hot garam (or a bit of chilli of choice)
half teaspoon worcester sauce(or a bit of tamarind)

heat all til boiling ,turn off heat
add 2 teaspoons ground almonds
stir and leave to steep for about an hour

re boil and add a bag defrosted basics cooked prawns heat through
serve immediately

some folk add a cinnamon stick but i find it tends to overpower the saffron (if you have saffron)

serves 3 or 4 depending how much rice you have,a leafy green salad is rather nice with this.

Prawn are something largely off the menu due to the slavery associated with most prawn fishing, any tips on what you can ethically buy?

north atlantic frozen (basics ranges of small ones are ace value)afaik minimal transport and no slave labour

for big posh ones the malaigh fleet land some ace ones which are cooked on the dockside but most go to top end users on the continent either alive or cooked.

i avoid the big farmed sort for ethical,environmental,chemical reasons
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