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St Fagans.

On Saturday, my wife and I visited St Fagans. The Welsh National History Museum. Its a great place to visit, we’ve been to it a number of times over the years and I thought that some of you folks might like to have a look at the pigs and how are forbears would have kept them.
It strikes me that some of the old ways are far better than our so called modern farming methods.

I hope that you enjoy your cyber visit to St Fagans. If you ever get the chance to visit then I’d recommend you take it and I know you wouldn’t be disappointed. The pigs are only the tip of the iceberg and you’d need a very full day to take in what this treasure house has to offer. Smile

Here are the two differing set ups for pig keeping that they have at St Fagans. I could easily work with both systems but was mightily impressed with what they had on the old estate farm.

Firstly, this sow was busy munching on beech mast that had fallen from the trees.

The charcoal kiln didn't look as though it was seeing much action.

I'd love to have mature woodland to keep our pigs in.

Here's the set up of pigsties on the old farm. They were all based around secure courtyards so that the pigs could be moved around easily and there was also access out into the fields. I'd love to have this sort of set up.

She'd got eight piglets.

We were in Wales but I couldn't tell whether or not the pigs were Welsh or British Lop pigs. They were probably Welsh.

I love St Fagan's. Smashing place, wonderful buildings. The old round pig-houses are interesting too: did you have a look at those, Bodge?

Oh yes and on this visit we also found the newish Italian garden up by the castle. Very Happy

Used to go there many years ago when I lived in Barry. Took Mo across last year and it was soooo changed (for the better) but there seemed to be some things that had gone, maybe just my memory or as it was raining may have missed them. There used to be a couple of old cottages I remembered that I didn't see this last time. Certainly well worth a day out for anyone who hasn't been though.


We should go sometime when we're over that way. BW likes a museum.

There was stacks of stuff that we haven't seen on previous visits and loads more projects in the pipeline.
The main museum by the entrance is closed at the moment and the exhibits are in storage. It will remain closed for the next three years while the building is completely revamped. They, the museum, are some what restricted in what they can do externally with it, because as believe it or not, the monstrosity of a building is listed. Apparently, some plonker has deemed it to be an icon of 60s/70s architecture. Laughing
Nicky Colour it green

the row of cottages is my favourite

I lived in one of the prefabs until the age of eight. It certainly brings back happy memories.

They also have some lovely old fashioned heated green houses at St Fagans.

And they seem to be putting them to good use.

You've just got to love the colours.

Ty Gwyn

The last time i visited St Fagans,they had Wild Boar/Iron Age pigs in the woods,
The row of cottages,if they are the ones opposite the Blacksmiths Forge,are Miner`s cottages from Merthyr,
I only saw one round pigsty when i visited,it was alongside the Cruck Lock/Crog Loft cottage,if i remember correctly it came from Taliharris near Llandeilo Cir,1770 i have a similar one on the farm,dated back to at least 1734,and the features are a lot more primitive,
Sadly not in the same condition.

it is over 40 yrs since ive been there and it looks like it has expanded a bit .

old style pig keeping looks good is cos it worked .some permanant styes even have pop holes for weaners to get away from mum and forage around the yards

Nice warm dry house makes for healthy happy piggies I expect.

St Fagans used to be the family home of one of my residents.

The 60s monstrosity SHOULD be a warning!!

I miss working there as it used to be Confused

We must find time next visit to see the new stuff Smile
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