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Stale bread

Since baby bear went off to uni, on occasions I find myself with the end of a loaf that's going a bit dry - we make our own so it doesn't last as long as the plastic wrapped variety.
I never mind as I turn it into breadcrumbs or croutons which go into the freezer, or bread pudding for the cake tin.
This morning I started wondering whether there were any other quick and easy things I could be doing?
wellington womble

Bread and butter pudding? You can make it sweet or savoury I beleive. Borrow a small child to feed ducks? Treacle tart (perhaps not every week!) bread sauce (especially bread sauce. It's my favourite)

Certainly bread and butter pudding gets my vote. Takes any bread and freezes well.

Except the rhubarb vodka version. That gets eaten too quickly.

If I haven't enough for a full on bread and butter pud I chop up small and bulk omelettes with it.

Use a ramekin and make individual ones?

Mmmmm! Bread and butter sounds good.
Not sure about the ducks, don't they say you shouldn't feed ducks bread anymore -or is that just white bread?

i tend to use it as crumb for gratin etc but my best practice is slice half the loaf and freeze the other half as a lump.

as i can be a bit random at times that does not always happen and one of the best ways i have found with almost dried (but not mouldy)bread is to make melba toast which is nice and if then dried some more will keep for use as crisp bread

since i started using a sourdough starter for breads and pancakes little (or a lot)and often seems to work
oldish chris

bread pudding

Crusts and other bits of stale bread should be thoroughly dried, they will then last for ages. When 20 slices, or equivalent, have been collected you make a bread pudding:

soak the bread in water until soggy,
squeeze out as much water as poss,
mix in some fat, traditionally suet, I mix in about 250gm cheapest marg.
mix in some sugar, you know, enough,
add two or so teaspoons of ground cinnamon, one of mixed spice,
bung in half a packet od dried mixed fruit,
bung in the best part of a packet of sultanas
empty into a backing tray,
put in a hottish oven until you can smell it in the next room,
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