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Starting up a Meadery & using crowd-funding

Hey there,

I've not posted in a while (and in fact I normally was a lurker anyway) but I hope it's not too cheeky for my first post back to be a selfish post trying to boost visibility of my start up business.

I'm setting up a Meadery in Berkshire. I've got a premises, I'm starting kitchen renovations and I'm going through all the local council & licensing paperwork. More importantly I've been making mead for >10 years at home and all taste testing research has been overwhelmingly positive.

To avoid fighting with banks for commercial loans for a brand new business I have instead started a kickstarter campaign at
It would be lovely if you'd back me, and if you can't/won't then it'd be lovely if you'd share the URL to other mead fans.

However, and most importantly, if you are a mead fan then it'd be wonderful if you checked out the Facebook page at and stayed in touch for when we'start production & retail.


good luck,anything that encourages more hives is a good thing

Actually, Id like to know a bit more about kickstarts or crowdfunding.

My Spotty Dog Cider is going from strength to strength, but after the new build and buying more fermentation vessels and a pump Ive run out of money I can invest in.
I need to raise about 1500 to supply more bottles, commercial size BIB bags and printing costs.
I'd like to offer some cidery rewards, but dont really know the details or how to start this.

Anyone had experience? Rob?

I think Rob, Sally and Helen have done this, and maybe bloke off the telly.

Do check crowdunding sites conditions - all the ones which I have ever looked at forbid offering alcohol as a reward to funders in their terms and conditions (not sure why?)

I guess it could also get expensive - if the gifts are small and very clearly samples in a different packagin than you normally sell I think you could get away with VAT - but you would probably still have to pay duty without getting it back on sale (someone has to pay it where home made alcohol is not just for you and your family .
I'm not 100% sure on this stuff but I'd look into all that early on.

I would of thought you could manage a crowdfunding campagin with your skill set, certianly one of the more valuble rewards could be your weekend courses, say for a 200 donation, beermats, bottle openers, t-shirts, thermal bottle sleeves could all be sourced and costed to offer as rewards if you cant actually offer cider.
There are lots of different sites now, crowdfunder and kickstarter are just a couple i know.
Of course you can offer apple juice as a reward.

There is no duty if you sell less than 7 hectolitres of cider per annum.
I wasnt going to offer cider(I know this is against the rules), but was thinking of offering tasting days (come and spend a day, visit the cider shed, the orchards and get a buffet lunch), and free training events (eg 50 gets one free place on either a full day pruning event or a full day cider making event with pasty lunch). I was also thinking of sponsoring an apple tree?

You could offer to name a brew after a big donor.

yes, I like that idea!

So, how does one research this? Ive got a phone number of a Cornish crowdfunding bunch - crowdfund cornwall, and contact details of a lady locally who has done it.

I think there is loads of info on the various sites to be honest - I would be reading through them at length

As an aside - Did you know there is a Food Assembly setting up in Cornwall? Think it's someone you may know - Paul Sousek at Cottage Farm? I only say that because you've liked his page Wink

You should be able to sell your cider through it.

I have had considerable interest from an organisation that want to stock my cider in Cornwall and have had a few problems getting the cash flow sorted. The problem is that some of the cider will be ready for the Christmas market (which is great) but I dont have enough funds to put it in BIB or bottles (well, I might, but its going to be very tight financially).
Thats whhy I likesd the crowdfunding idea.

The video problem is coming to a head as Ive been shortlisted for an award.... Embarassed
Mistress Rose


all I need to do today is work out how to get the video from the phone to the computer, then onto moviemaker.....(its not my phone) Rolling Eyes

Is your computer bluetooth enabled? Some already have cards in but we bought a bluetooth usb card for our laptops so we ca just send pics and videos from the phone to tye computer, think it cost under a tenner.

no blootooth.

John's phone is a samsung galaxyS. Im waiting for a download of Kies from Samsung (taking a bloody age) and then I can access the video via a wire to the computer port.
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