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static insulation

Can anyone give me some advise on isulating a static caravan, ceiling walls and floor, whats the easiest way to do it and will i have to rip walls off and pull ceiling down to do it??? am new to caravan living and am fed up with not being able to feel my toe's, finger's and nose. I do own caravan and it's 34ft x 14ft. any help would be appreciated Laughing

Hello Sue, and welcome wave

Where is it sited - ie, how pretty does it have to look? I understand that the quickest and easiest way to insulate the floor is to stick strawbales underneath, which stops the wind whipping through.

well.....its in the country! Very Happy , i'll have to ask, thanks

a good wood burner will be your best pal ,heat the inside and all is well ,a lack of therms in a static is difficult to mitigate

the straw thing is good but needs care to avoid fire ,damp ,rats etc

ps hello

i had minus 15c inside with ice on the walls with no heating ,rob n nat had a burner in the same static and it was cosy with no extra insulation

seal any leaks with silicone spread as wet insulation is a great heat conductor

burner ,smoke and co detectors ,sorted

If its for temporary use I would not bother.

Add a wood stove & seal up any leaks / drafts (but keep the proper vents).

Trying to take one apart to add more would completely wreck the caravan. Would be easier to build a new wooden framed building from scratch.

Depending on how long it got to last some things to look at are:

straw bales round the outside as a skirt to stop the underfloor drafts
cheap secondary glazing if its single glazed
fit cheap draft excluder's to all doors & windows
Build tall fencing to the windward side
make the most of the solar capture during the day

Welcome aboard.

Wot dpack and RW said.
I'm new to static living myself and after consulting on here I fitted a 6KW burner to my static. Bloody marvelous.
I've not done anything insulation wise so static does cool down quick, but burner does warm it up quick. If you been out all day and return to static at a couple of degrees, it takes about 15mins to start feeling warmth from burner and about an hour to get living room to 20 degrees. I've had living room upto 28 with doors and windows open !
Heat doesn't get around caravan so I fitted extractor fan with pipe through middle bedroom into far bedroom - this takes chill out of bedroom and means I can run an oiled filled radiator in bedroom at low setting so is not too cold in morning. Living room is still freezing in morning but burning coal overnight would solve this (I'm too tight to buy coal and run mine off scrap wood from work)

From what I saw when I put flue in, there is plenty of scope for extra insulation to roof, but like RW said it'll be a lot of grief.

Re: static insulation

I agree with what everyone has said about the wood burner, ventilation, leaks and CO2/fire alarms but just to add; it is possible to insulate the ceiling, it's just a faff. You need to prise off the plastic joining strips, gently pull the ceiling sheets out of the wall and allow to hang down on one side. Didn't matter how careful we were, the corners tore.

Click to see full size image
That is the ceiling sheet hanging down at the bottom of the photo above.
Then you can add your insulation and shove it well into the corners, taking care of any wiring.
The photo below is the insulation held up with gaffer tape before the ceiling is closed back up.

Click to see full size image
We couldn't get the plastic joining strips back on so screwed batten up instead which is probably better for taking the extra weight of the insulation. It's not pretty but it appears to help. We are a bit further North than you!

Floor - We put down cheap laminate floor and used the insulation sheets you can get for that (foam sheets). We toyed with doing the walls but there is not much depth to play with. Depending on your budget, celotex sheets might help on the inside of the rooms.

Check this out


Check this out


That's the way to do it properly!
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