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Static on me Paramo

I have a Paramo jacket which the missus washed with NikWax but I am now getting shocks when I take it off, any ideas what I can do to remove the static?
wellington womble

Take your boots off first, or go down on one knee. I have to when I wear a fleece with some shoes.

The tech wash is better, and I think they recommend not tumble drying if you are prone to shocks.

Take your boots off first, or go down on one knee.

Makes sense, will have to check if she tumbled it

I need to put my Paramo through the wash too, so useful advice.
I'm sure mine says 'don't tumble'

wellington womble

Have you redone the waterproofing, too? It makes it really slidy, which would reduce friction and shocks (and keep you drier, of course)

I have this problem with fleeces. I mostly wear natural fibres, but you just can't beat fleece for warmth and washability, so I put up with the shocks when I forget to kneel to take my jacket off.

fabric conditioner

i found silicone spray works on fleeces etc
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