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I assume folk here have heard of it. It is a sweetener which has come on the market relatively recently.
We picked up a plant at a garden centre recently and it seems to be growing well enough, so the question is how best to use it?

Thus far everything I have found on t'internet is about using the commercial products based on the plant, else putting a couple of leaves in your tea, but I am wondering how best to do baking and suchlike with the plant: is it best to make something analogous to the commercial products or just throw in the leaves?

I'm not growing it myself, but a friend is. She has used a small amount in fruit desserts, just fresh leaves chopped. She says it works quite well. She is also experimenting with drying the leaves, so that she can then crush it and sprinkle it on to food (in the way you would sugar). One thing to be aware of is that on its own, although stevia is very sweet, it does leave a bitter aftertaste in the mouth. The food industry has been working hard to overcome this, and use flavour maskers to hide this bitter taste.
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