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STOLEN - rare breed sheep - Leics

Stolen from Willey, warks/Leica border last night- six Greyfaced Dartmoor ewes, four North Ronaldsay Rams and one Hebridean ram. Fences were cut and a small livestock trailer used. Any information please contact Warwickshire police. Please share far and wide. THESE SHEEP HAVE BEEN WORMED WITH CYDECTIN YESTERDAY AND ARE THEREFORE UNSAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION

The four Ronnie rams are part of the breeding programme for this very rare breed.
Rob R

Mad There are few crimes I think that deserve capital punishment but destroying rare genetics is one of them. Twisted Evil
Ty Gwyn

They used to hang sheep thieves,now they become MP`s to reduce the numbers.

grrrrrrrrr Mad

pic and tag of the Heb tup here:

and one of the ronnies

this wont help but the first photo of the heb looks like my dog ronnie and the ronnie doesnt

if they are not recovered soon i will fear the worst as one kebab looks much like another

again grrrrr rare breeds are valuable genetics which is a good reason to stop them being rare.
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