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Stopping Chkdisk...

A friend of mine has been having trouble with his PC. He's running XP, which is not a good start, but he's a bit set in his ways and I've so far failed to convince him to change...
The problem at the moment is that it seems to be stuck in a chkdisk loop.
The obvious answer is to reboot and hit a key to skip the check, but he's only got a USB keyboard and Windows doesn't seem to recognise it 'till it's finished loading.

I've Probably got something here to sort him out, but I'm not going back over there tonight.

Any suggestions for owt he can do?

he could try a hot stop and then re boot routine (2 or 3 goes),chances are xp will fire up with an option of safe mode .

if it does it should reboot with minimal stuff running and the keyboard available .

ps this is typed on an xp system and they have a few good and mostly a lot of bad qualities.

I believe you need to change a registry value...

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSessionManagerBootExecute to autocheck autochk *.

I assume no liability for thyis so best to check this is correct before playing with registry.

We'd have to get into the registry first...
Starting in safe mode might be a plan, but isn't there a key you can press at boot to get that option?

i have not found one that works well in xp but f8 between switch on and the windows start up might do it Wink

Try various F* keys, or pop a cd in the drive. It may try to boot from that and fail, giving you a bios entry option.

He's got it working... sort of at least.

once it is going it could be sensible to run c cleaner,defraggler(and perhaps a variety of verminators) and then try to set it into some sort of good order.
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