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Strimmer cable, which one?

The last time I needed to buy strimmer cable the choices were very limited. Standard round or some square with ali powdered in it.

Now there seems to be a plethora of plastic types, more profiles than you can shake a stick at (star, square, round, lumpy, twisty ect) & some made with an outer & inner core both made of different plastics with differing properties.

So what do you all use?

Cheap & cheerful & lots of it or better quality & it lasts longer?

If it makes any difference it will be for mixed use, grass, weeds, brambles on rough ground & neat grass around mown lawn edges & trees / plants.

Cheap & cheerful (Oregon) for me. I bought 90m years ago and still have loads left.

we went for expensive with the core stuff and havent looked back. especially when you consider the time you spend feedng the cheep stuff through when it snaps.
we cut all sorts here, brambles, grass, the occasional hidden toy!
i couldnt tell you the brand but it made me wince when the till rang!

I need to buy some more. Same quandary as you.

I have been recommended this strimmer line & it seems a good price as its free del.

i went and found the packaging of the tough stuff we use. its oregen, like the chain saws.

Garden-machinery-repair-bloke I bought my strimmer off told me it was all about the rpm.Too thick a line will spin slower and could burn out the clutch.
Currently using about 2mm Stihl line. Ok on general weeds and young brambles, but thicker brambles snag and wear line too rapid. I use hedge trimmer for thick brambles.
Tried a thicker line but that didn't feed out too well.
Tried screwfix line and that just wore out too quick.
Tried the circular saw type blade that came with strimmer, but found that was pants.
I have been recommended the triangular plastic blades for rough ground, but haven't tried these - line seems to work fine for what I'm using it for (mostly following-up after ride on mower at very large care home grounds).

I wonder if diamond profile feeds out ok ?

the oregon stuff is 2.4mm and a bit like a four peteled flower with a differant colour core. the smooth edges help with the feeding out but still give extra surface area i surpose.

Like THIS stuff?

now thats going to leave a mark! Wink

however on further study its more bikini line i would say, so perhaps he can hide it with a one piece!

Like THIS stuff?


Like THIS stuff?

He's in-line for a Darwin award, cutting wood with an angle grinder ...... and with no guard.

Not sure how that happened. The link I meant was this one. Woo

Yes that's the stuff we have.
And After working the ED for 20 years with too many conversations starting "you see duck,I was just cutting this bit of wood while balancing on one leg off a stool and..." I am pretty unshockable!
Castle Farm

A lot depends on the power of your strimmer.
I use 3ml on mine but it has a big cc rating.

Be very carefull using a metal blade a friend hit a pipe hidden in the grass with his and it smashed into bits. He got a couple of bits in his face and legs.

repeat after me "an angle grinder with a metal cutting disc is not a chopsaw"

as to strimmer line i used the strong stuff cant remember the make

in a crisis industrial fishing line will do
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