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Does anybody know what can be done with the stuffing / padding from old mattresses? there are about 15 different types of materials used in the padding, ranging from memory foam to rubberised horse hair (rarely seen these days).

Insulation is about the only thing that springs to mind. Stuff it into old pillowcases, for instance. Then several of such could be used to cover a brewing bucket and tied in place in response to a cold weather forecast . Or sewn in sections in larger pieces of material, such as two old sheets, and used to insulate a shed by fixing them to the inside walls. If there's any reason to keep a shed warm, that is.

draught excluders Rolling Eyes
could it be used for big floor cushions Rolling Eyes

Try the main recycling centres for your LA - Devon now recycles mattresses and strips them down in to the bits you mention, and as it's run by SITA yours may well do the same:
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