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Stuka / Chalet Interior Varnish

We have built a Chalet/Stuka for HelpX-ers to live in.

It is wood. We have insulated it inside and nailed a hardwood skin over.

What eco-friendly woodstain/varnish can we paint the inside with? Preferably something that doesn't stink so we can paint it in a day without gassing one of its residents.

Any thoughts collective brains of Downsizer?

greenest and one of the more robust would be boiled linseed oil,proper decorators merchants have 5 ltr pots at a reasonable price(compared to hardware stores etc )

tis a bit smelly for a few days but it is non toxic( ish) as there are no solvents

you can add some "dryers"which will reduce the setting/smelly time but will stain some woods esp oak or other high tannin timbers
Mistress Rose

To me boiled linseed continues to smell for ages.

I love the smell - it reminds me of the putty we used to use to glaze the greenhouses; a constant memory of my father. I'm pricing some up now Smile.

Thank you, both.

You could also try Danish oil

Isn't Danish oil lovely, but completely flammable?

cloth used to apply it could but dry flat or put in water after use to stop the risk

Howbout paintingit?
The Little Green Paint Co does good eco paint,in lovely colours.

I'm a bit worried that if we paint it and then it is empty for a little bit, the paint may peel off? I'm going to put a microburner in there - but obviously that will only be used if we have a guest.
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