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Suckling Pigs

I am *considering* sending a few of our piglets off for slaughter as suckling pigs and whilst I would keep 1 or 2 for myself (as I'm not squeamish), I was wondering what other people think of them?

1) What would you pay for a 10 kg to 12 kg (kill out weight) suckling free range and snout free Kune x Wild Boar, assuming you are not squeamish about the cute baby piggy factor?

2) We let our piggies wean themselves - so they continue to suckle for quite some time; so would you want your suckling pig any larger or smaller?

3) Would you want it butchered or some of it baconed?

4) Any suggestions for meat couriers, boxes, etc?

We've been here before. Some of the points may still be true/valid.

I wonder if they are especially seasonal? BBQ and Christmas banquets...

Thanks Nick.

I guess the next step is to find out what the slaughter costs, packing costs and shipping costs would be - to see if it is worthwhile.

I think one issue we ran into is that killing and transport costs for a weaner are similar to a 110kg brute, so they look much more expensive.

That said, courier costs have become more competitive recently.

Yes, that's my worry.

If it's of any interest we have been asked for suckling pigs quite a fair few times recently, we don't do them, not for any particular reason other than we didn't have any suitable at the time asked.

We did have more requests over the Christmas period - not sure if that's some sort of consumer quirk - some sort of flash in the pan one-upmanship or some such, something instead of a turkey Confused

I know that slaughter costs are the same locally irrespective of the size of the pig.

So, I guess can expect to pay roughly speaking about £26 per pig for slaughter.
chicken feed

our slaughterhouse works on a headage basis no matter what the size its the same price per pig.

None of the abbatoirs up our way will do suckling pigs. I've asked. The smallest pig they'll do is 45kg. The largest is 100kg. The killing lines are all standardised for that size range. Not that many of them are doing private slaughter pigs any more—we're down to one abattoir now.

I spoke to NS James and they do them.
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