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Sun-dried tomato olive muffins

Well, I tried savory muffins for the first time today, and that was a bit of an ee opener. Excellent nosh, and they freeze well (or thaw well, as it were), or so I've been told. I made Sun-dried tomato olive muffins. Next week I'll try Parmesan herb muffins.


500 grams flour
1 tblsp baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 egg
3 tblsp oil drained from tomatoes
2 tblsp sugar
dl milk
100 grams chopped, drained oil-packed sun dried tomatoes
100 grams chopped pitted olives

Combine flour, baking powder and salt in a large bowl. In another bowl, lightly beat egg, Stir in tomato oil, sugar and milk. Pour over flour et. al. Mix together lightly, so that the flour is just absorbed. Mix in the tomatoes and olives, I put them in before the flour was completely absorbed which worked rather well. Put in a well greased muffin tray, it makes 12 medium muffins. B ake for 25 minutees on 375 degrees F.

If frozen wrapped in clingfilm, they will thaw in a lunch box in time for lunch if they are taken out around breakfast. Very good hot with butter and grated, tangy farmyard cheddar.

thanks for sharing this,
I love savoury muffins and freeze them for taking into work too. Can't beet a cheddar and chive one in my opinion but sure will try your recipe!

I like this idea! Might have to give them a go.

I made a marmite and chedder batch few months ago, just leave the pinch of salt out the recipe and it was goooooood.

But then im a love it guy Shocked

The small amount of sugar is just fantastic. I am going to try parmesan and herbs later this week. And pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Erik: is it really only 10g of tomatoes?

mochyn wrote:
Erik: is it really only 10g of tomatoes?

Oooops. Edited. One of them slippery zeros managed to get away under the coach. I caught him and put him right back in again.

I make cheese and sundried tomato muffins, which are very yummy indeed and also freeze well.
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