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super laying

One of my colonies has a naughty queen.
Despite a queen excluder she is laying in the super. Ive tried moving them down into the brood box and checking to ensure she's not up top and the next time I visit its the same. She must be small enough to sneak through, and to be honest I find it difficult to see her.

What are my options?

Have you seen the queen? It may be a laying worker the eggs laid will be drones and it normally happens when there is no queen.

Queen with a small thorax or a faulty excluder. Have you seen the queen? Is she a good size? If so try another excluder perhaps.

Takes around six weeks of no queen and several mistakes by the beekeeper usually to get laying workers and the signs are pretty distinctive. Several eggs per cell almost always on the sides and a totally random laying pattern. Only seen it in apideas where these things occur much faster.

Not a laying worker.

There are a few drone cells but a lot of brood. She is laying well. At least 6 frames of brood. I just keep missing her.
They are a grumpy lot as well. The hive next door are so much more friendly.

Wire excluders are supposed to be better than the slotted zinc kind, although it's not a problem I've had before, with either kind of excluder.
If you move the super to a different site a few feet away the flying bees will return to the old site making finding her Maj easier if she's still in the super.
If there are eggs in the super & considering you don't like her temper, I'd be tempted to use said super as a nuc to raise a new queen then you could re-unite them once mated & old queen removed?
Or better still steal some eggs from your better tempered colony.

may pm you later re this.....
Colin & Jan

Are you sure that you don't have a queen above and below the excluder? It has happend to us in the past through some poor management.

I stand corrected, I'm very much a begginer, please ignore me, my wife always does Laughing
Colin & Jan

I stand corrected, I'm very much a begginer, please ignore me, my wife always does

Thats spooky; so does mine.
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