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Sweet peas and greenfly

My sweet peas have been abysmal this year and have only just started producing flowers. I've had greenfly on them in other years but only towards the end of the season, and after periods of very dry weather.

This year they're here at the beginning, and def not dry weather - and the blooms are looking very feeble. Having long since given up any hope of having pickable sweet peas for my son's wedding next week, I'd still rather like to pick them throughout the summer. Help!

soapy water spray can work ,soapy foam is even better but might be a bit tricky on things that size.
Mistress Rose

If you can find any ladybirds, try to persuade them to lay eggs on the sweet peas.

Mine seem to be harbouring tiny black bugs. They fall of the flowers all over the table.

Sweet peas always harbour black bugs! You have to cut them and leave (in water) in the garage overnight and they all bugger off. It does work! Mostly...

I had hoped yesterday evening's gale might have blown the greenfly off my beleagured sweet peas - yeah right - but at least they're still standing this morning thanks to the multiple guy ropes hastily attached after I glanced out the window to see the whole lot at a VERY jaunty angle. Hey ho, good old British summer...

Gentle soap spray next.
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