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Sweet Woodruff

I appear to have what my trusty book suggests is Sweet Woodruff growing in my garden. It looks exactly like the picture of Sweet Woodruff but the book does not have a full description. It does however have a full description of Woodruff but this has specific differences from the plant I see in my garden.

If this is Sweet Woodruff I think I will keep it so I was wondering if anyone here can clarify for me exactly what the differences are in appearance and usage.

Are they not the same plant? Woodruff and sweet woodruff seem to be used interchangeably, both referring to Galium odoratum.

My book has one picture of Sweet Woodruff in the front with no description, just the name. Then on page 313 it has Woodruff with a description that says it has crimson tinted stems and I've looked closely at the plant in my garden, it looks like the picture but has no red tint to the stem.

I am confused.

I've checked the internet for wisdom. It does not help. I can only find reference to Sweet Woodruff.

I thought they were the same thing. You will have seen woodruff before, my garden used to be full of it. Dry a sprig and it should smell of marzipan once dry

I intend to keep it and I will test it by drying and smelling. I was going to anyway as it seems both pretty and useful. I was mostly curious.
Mistress Rose

The sweet woodruff in the woods has no pink in the stem; it is quite a fresh green with a number of little white flowers on the top at present. The leaves form a complete ruff round the stem and are smooth. Otherwise it resembles goosegrass. I always check which it is by running the leaves through my fingers. It is very obvious when you feel them which is which as the goosegrass is rough.

Thank you all for your usual reliable help in such matters. I shall happily relocate the plant so that it can continue to grow in my garden.

I have loads and loads of sweet woodruff. It spreads like wild fire!
Mistress Rose

It is a member of the same family as goosegrass, so what do you expect? Smile
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