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Tadpole rescue update

Hello Tadpole enthusiasts

OK, so I have failed to do most of the things that dpack suggested.

No filter/bubbler, though I have been taking out some water and pouring in some new occasionally (after it has stood for some time).

No liver or worms, just flaked fish food.

And no iodine as yet either. Life has been getting away with me recently.

So I have a fish tank absolutely stuffed full of poles swimming around, eating fish food like crazy when I sprinkle it on surface, eating stuff off the bottom which was probably originally old fish food and leftover bits of jelly but is now probably tadpole poo.

They are getting bigger, have long tails still and maybe some beginnings of legs.

And we haven't dug the new pond yet!

If I put them back in the existing pond at some point, will fish eat them all or will some survive??

I feel I have started something I may not be able to finish very well.

And yes I realise I may be taking it all too seriously.

Oh and the water seems to be getting a bit murky....

If they get hungry enough in the tank they'll eat each other! Sounds to me as if they'd have a fighting chance now!

Our pond is tiny and supports frogs, newts and one enormous gold fish.

well done ,if they are at the start of legs stage a drop of iodine now will decrease cannibalism

re pond ,the fish will probably eat quite a few but some pond water in a temp pond ,with a slope for the froglets to get out, might be a good way to maximise the "crop"

I saw three titchy frogs yesterday when I was weeding near the pond. Definitely this year's hatching. So at least some of the tadpoles survived my imperfect ministrations earlier this spring.

Just wanted to share this news with all those kind folk who gave advice on tadpole care! Very Happy

Very Happy

if you saw three pottering about there are probably others in hiding

well done

I've dropped back in after a bit of an absence. And wanted to say that I have been seeing baby frogs in the garden all summer - so feel very pleased about the success of the tadpole project in the spring.

One poor poppet found its way into the kitchen but I managed, after a bit of a chase, to get it back into the garden.

try putting 73 in a box for relocation and release Laughing

try putting 73 in a box for relocation and release Laughing

Laughing Laughing
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