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Talk to me about cookers

We need duel fuel, 2 ovens and seperate grill.
What brands do you reccommend?

I don't recommend Britannia. Expensive and didn't last. We've got a Leisure one now at a third of the price and it seems fine.

What's dual fuel?

Gas hob, electric oven/grill.

OK, is it worth going for separates?

OK, is it worth going for separates?

I'd do that any time if doing the kitchen from scratch, and by scratch I mean moving windows.
But this the height of pragmatism a 4 figure sum on the horror story of the electrics.
An amazing less than £500 on a massive breakfast bar and cheap units, bolstered by building others from scraps of old units.
Then it has to be a range in the same space as the existing one, as it would be severely structural to do what I'd really like.
But we are fussy, I want a sensible grill, and 4k wok burner, which seems tricky. At the moment I am looking at:
Rangemasters were recommended, but come mostly with a clever but ultimately annoying grill and 3.5k wok burners.

sd has recently got a smeg one that fits the criteria, her's was a bit bent but £450 , unbent a little over a £K.

build quality seems good enough to survive a pretty major thump.
decent size ovens and grill, 4 large burners and a massive central one.
it looks easy to clean.
ps it can eat almost any type of electric and gas supply which may or may not be relevant as it will do domestic gas and 230v single phase ac

i tatted a neff one from a skip ages back and apart from replacing one element it seemed a pretty solid machine.

i think you can get lucky with cheap ones or unlucky with pricey ones, different models from the same manufacture can perform very differently.
if you can get up close and personal with showroom stock waggling doors and bending the sides is a fair guide to how solid it is mechanically, as to the lifespan of parts the longer the manufacturers say they will stock parts the longer it is likely to last mechanically.

I loved my rangemaster which lasted about 18 years
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