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Tapestry needle

I'm trying to help a friend who cannot see to thread their needles, however they spoke to some one who has the same problem and was using something that looked double pointed ?? They said they bought it on line and it was called The Big Needle - googling this gives a recommendation for a Ken Follet book does anyone have any ideas please?


When you google "the big needle" you can add "-follett" and that should exclude results with follett's name in them.

Doing that, and selecting "shopping" I found some links, though I don't know that any of those are quite what you're looking for, I do see one with eyes on both ends.
Jam Lady

Stores that have sewing notions for sale should have needle threader devices for sale, very cheap. Look like a small disc with two thin wires at one side, arranged in a sort of diamond shape.

Thread wires through eye of needle. Because they are stiffer than thread this is much easier. Put thread through diamond shaped opening. Pull needle threader back through eye of needle.

Hey presto, needle is threaded.
Mistress Rose

I thought that might be a solution too Jam Lady. Haven't heard of the other needle I am afraid.

You can get easy thread needles to which have a strange shaped hole. You don't actually have to put the thread through it, you slide it up the needle and it goes in that way.

That sounds a good idea, Solorn. My Mother would have been grateful for such a device, so would I the times I had to thread her needles as she got older. But I will be looking for one as I have to do my own buttons now!

Beading needles called The Big Eye have two ends, depending on the fabric they might work, they are flexible and you open the eye by running your nail in to it and prising it open, so sight isn't too much of an issue.

I think it might work if you are using an open weave tapestry material but not for sewing buttons on to clothing. for example.

Brilliant thank you Bugs
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