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Tay what you up to?

Hows it all going, give us the lowdown.
Barefoot Andrew

Is Newcastle considered "abroad" now...? Laughing Laughing

Hello Ray

We moved into a rather quirky studio flat on Saturday, and now have no phone or internet. Yet. But should get that sorted out soon. In the meantime, we're at a local library, and I have 33 minutes left on the pc here. Sad

We're both happier here than we thought we would be; very pleased about that as we were both dreading it. Really, really great city. Very Happy Fairly good weather too, but the constant wind is most irksome.

Registering at the uni tomorrow, have various seminar/info things to go to in the mornings (amazingly, we're managing to get up before 3pm!!! - 8am most mornings now!!!!!), and off on a 1 day/1 night field trip to Grinton in North Yorkshire next week. Joined Newcastle Scrabble club too. Rather square I know, but I like Scrabble. Wink

How is l'Indre? How are your renovations going?

Hi Tay/Andy , weather crap at the mo, renovations coming along, actually finished one room, brought my son back from the uk and we have fitted the staircase today, so we can now get on with putting bedrooms upstairs.
Glad you are both enjoying it, told you Newcastle was great Laughing
Keep us posted on your progress we are all keen to find out how you are doing, or we are bloody nosey? take your pick. Look forward to hearing from you.
Regards Ray , Jan
Blue Sky

madmonk wrote:
brought my son back from the uk and we have fitted the staircase today

Does that mean that you will not be coming over at the weekend or maybe that I should have put extra homebrew on for the lad? Wink

Dropping him off at Limoges airport saturday middayish then over to you to drink your beer and to beat up Pricey for eating my duck, sorry our duck. Laughing

Pleased to hear you're enjoying's my favourite UK city.
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